The Podcast

This podcast is an investigation into both sides of the argument of some of the most common and well known, as well as  more obscure, and all the more sinister, conspiracy theories around. Brett and “Phil” rarely agree on the truth (or “truth”) about the way world around us works, aliens, global finance, religion, even the meteoric rise of humanity itself.

But they don’t just sling insults and argue, they have calm, evidence based discussions. The topics they discuss are well researched, with sources and citations available, and posted on the website, for listeners to research, read, think critically about, and make up their own mind.

A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not admit in public.
–Ossip Gabrilowitsch


The best we know about Phil is that he is somewhere in the American midwest. Or was. We’re not sure.

And it really is true that Brett does not know exactly where Phil is. They communicate by email and phone, and record the podcast from their two separate locations, bringing both tracks of their conversation together in editing. In fact it’s completely plausible that Phil is mobile and never records from the same place twice.

Brett lives in Charlotte, NC.