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Enough is Enough

"Phil" April 28, 2021 71

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Recently, while driving ‘cross country, I did some good old fashioned channel surfing. At one point I found an interesting call-in radio show on NPR and let the dial rest. The spirit of it was to have everyday people ask questions about the Covid vaccine and then have two experts provide answers. One of the experts was from the Microbiology and Immunology (M&I) Department at Stanford University, and the other was from one of the medical departments at Ohio State University. The questions were called in and recorded in advance, and I thought they were all pretty good. My favorite question was this one: “If I’ve already had Covid-19 and recovered from it, should I consider having the vaccine?” I’ve been wondering about this myself, so I turned up the volume to catch what the experts had to say.

The M&I lady answered as follows (I’m paraphrasing): “If you’ve already had Covid-19 you may well have natural antibodies and a natural resistance to the virus – and that’s a good thing. However, it’s recommended that you go ahead and get the Covid vaccine anyway, just to be safe. After all, the vaccine is designed to do better than nature.”

After I heard that, I listened for only a few more minutes before abandoning NPR for more channel surfing. I was craving a Casey Kasem countdown or anything simple, benign, honest. Any time I hear someone claiming that technology can improve upon nature, I get a little suspicious. After all: We shouldn’t expect to get ourselves out of the hole with the same shovel we used to dig it.

Space and Beyond

One of the worst techno-touters has to be Elon Musk, of Tesla, SpaceX, and Better-Living-on-Mars fame. I’ve seen Musk in a number of interviews over the years, and I have to pose this serious question to all readers: Would you feel comfortable being in the same room with this guy? I sure wouldn’t. I figure at best he’s a social engineer – which ought to be distinguished from the kind of engineer he claims to be – and at worst he’s a psychopath. I know, I know: He’s widely hailed as a visionary genius. And that may well be true. I just think it’s worth pondering if his type of genius is the Dr. Evil variety.

Musk’s list of psychopathic atrocities is a long one. I encourage you to dig into it. To seed your studies, I’ll throw you a coupl’a bones here:

  • Back in 2018, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission gave the green light to one of Musk’s companies, SpaceX, to formally kick off their “space-based broadband” project to deploy over 4,400 satellites into low-Earth orbit in order to enable “full-time internet coverage to virtually the entire planet.” This has now come to be known as the Starlink Internet Project, and the hardware requirements to make this happen have quietly grown and grown: Now we’re talking about an ambitious network (ahem…“constellation” according to Musk) of about 12,000 satellites, plus 1 million ground antenna. The satellites are going up as fast as they can build and launch them; there have already been 23 launches to date, so thousands of these new satellites have already been sent up. No turning back now! You can see them in the night sky if you know where to look; they look like a UFO train. Heck, sixty (60) of the damned things were shot into orbit just a few weeks ago, on April 7th. Practically speaking, all this means that there will soon be nearly no chance of escaping from “connectivity,” even if you live out in the middle of nowhere, far, far away from the new 5G grids and other nasties. * * * [But perhaps you’re one of those people who believe that this recent rush to full “connectivity” and the Internet of Things (IoT) is for the benefit of mankind? If so…please read on…]
  • Just a few weeks ago, on April 8th, another one of Musk’s companies, Neuralink, proudly announced that they’ve Frankenstein’d themselves a cyborg monkey who can play “mind-Pong” using an implanted brain chip. Amazing! Here’s how it works:  “Scientists” at Neuralink trained a monkey to play the ubiquitous computer game, Pong, (and dink around with some other computer puzzles) using a joystick. Every time the monkey made a correct move, some banana smoothie got squirted into his mouth. All the while, the monkey’s brain was being scanned by two implanted Neuralink chips that were tethered to the game controls. Once the monkey’s neural activity had been mapped to his on-screen actions, the “scientists” unplugged the joystick…and…Voilà! The games continued. The monkey kept on playing the video games with nothing but his thoughts, and if he performed well he could keep on getting his delicious treats. Does anyone out there feel comfortable with this? Dr. Evil…err, I mean Elon Musk…feels plenty comfortable. You can get it straight from the horse’s mouth here, where Musk describes his warped ambitions for this technology. In short, he imagines this to be a stepping stone towards jamming Neuralink chips inside all our skulls, thereby merging human cognition with artificial intelligence (AI). Gee whiz, Elon, that means Humans 2.0! I can’t wait. * * * [Before you continue your own research into Neuralink, I should also point out this little gem, a 2019 whitepaper detailing Musk’s twisted vision for Brain Machine Interfaces (BMIs). Basically, he wants to wire up human brains with USB-C ports in order to “stream full broadband electro-physiology data” to a network, using a combination of ultra-fine polymer probes stitched directly to the cerebral cortex. Hmmm. And this is the stuff that Elon Musk is talking about out loud. Dare we wonder what else he has cooking on his back burner? Where’s Austin Powers when you need him?]

Musk Buddies

Ol’ Musk is, unfortunately, not alone. Many others around the globe are tinkering away on fiendish technologies.

Have you heard about the conspiracy-theory-come-true wherein the Pentagon is proposing to cram microchips inside people in order to “continuously test chip recipients’ blood for presence of the Covid-19 virus.” You can’t make this stuff up. 60 Minutes recently did a flattering piece on this miraculously helpful invention, singing its praises, saying this will be like having the handy ‘Check Engine’ warning light from your car be inside you. Beautiful. That description makes me feel all warm and snugly. (Actually it reminds me of how many times I’ve ignored the check engine light in my car because…well…nothing was actually wrong!) The helpful little chip is being funded by the Pentagon’s R&D arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). If you’re not already familiar with DARPA, they’re worth 15 minutes of your incognito Google’n time. Their main fetish, as you might expect, is weaponized technology. For example, they got called out in 2017 under freedom of information rules for dumping $100-million (that we know of) into “genetic extinction technologies” – meaning technologies that can be used to wipe out entire species. Sounds like a noble ambition. Call me “hesitant,” but I don’t feel like I’m in a big rush to sign up for their new implant just yet.

Have you heard about all the crackpot stuff that’s being funded by the Bill & Linda Gates Foundation? This makes for more even more Google’n time if you have the stomach for it. My recent favorite of Bill’s pet projects is the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx). This Gates-funded nightmare originated in a think tank at Harvard University, where they undoubtedly are fully on board with the “Climate Crisis” narrative, our soon-to-be Existential Threat #1 after the odometer on the Covid thing rolls over. The brilliant idea is this: Spray sun-reflecting aerosols into the upper atmosphere to stimulate a global cooling effect. Any of that sound familiar? Chemtrails are nothing new; they’ve been in play for decades. Heck, we’ve been discussing chemtrails here at TPD for years. The only new twist is that Bill is now touting chemtrails as a way to combat the looming Climate Crisis (formerly marketed as Global Warming, followed by Climate Change). I think I’ll withhold my endorsement until someone important tells me that chemtrails are being sprayed to combat racism. It’s only a matter of time, so I’m gonna hold out in order to earn more social credit points.

Sadly, examples of technologies gone off the rails go on and on and on.

Transhumanists and Technocrats

A big question we might ask is this: Why is all this crap going on?

One possibility is that the Transhumanists and the Technocrats are starting to move together like synchronized swimmers. It’s a real bummer. I don’t think we want these two groups anywhere near each other. But hold on. What’s a Technocrat? What’s a Transhumanist? I confess that these are not everyday words. Here’s the scoop:

Technocracy = A country or society that is controlled by scientists, engineers, and other experts.

I’d like to modify this definition slightly to include the idea that “science” and “technology” can easily be co-opted and/or propagandized. As such, so-called “scientists, engineers, and experts” can be agents of that propaganda, High Priests of the State Religion if you will. An acceptable motto for such a country or society might be “Follow the Science!” Have you heard that one before, friends? If yes, then you should know it’s a warning sign that we might already be living in a technocracy. You should also know that what they are really saying is “Follow What We Say is Science!”

Transhumanism = The belief that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

I would modify this definition slightly as well. It’s not so much that transhumanists believe that us humans can evolve in such a way, but that we should. Elon Musk is a transhumanist. Kurt Vonnegut was not. Which guy would you prefer to have a cup of coffee with?

Not so long ago, mainstream media outlets reacted to technocratic and transhumanist ambitions with some measure of suspicion, and they even voiced ethical concerns. By way of example, here is a 20-year-old article from none other than CNN about “cyborg breakthroughs.” Notice the tone of this article; it’s clear that back then they thought it was kind of creepy, and they weren’t afraid to say so. Nowadays it seems that the mainstream media outlets look upon this stuff with awe and wonder, associating it with a bright and better future (and continued VNR revenue, no doubt). Scary, if you ask me.

Phil’s Two Cents

Have you ever seen the episode of the Twilight Zone that’s called To Serve Man? In it, aliens from outer space come to Earth, and no one is quite sure what to make of them, whether they’ll be our friends or foes. They are aliens after all. And they’re suspiciously tall. An alien ambassador announces their good intentions at a big press conference, and then accidentally leaves a book behind after he/she/it departs. The main good guy, a U.S. government cryptographer, translates the title and finds out that the book is called “To Serve Man.”  There’s great relief about this because it means that the aliens have a whole book about coming to Earth to help us, to serve us. But then the episode ends with a twist: To Serve Man turns out to be a cookbook.

I sometimes think about this old Twilight Zone episode when I hear about how some new gadget or scientific breakthrough is going to serve us and improve our lives.

So how can we survive the technological tidal wave that is already upon us? After all, a lot of it seems to be out of our hands, right? For example, while we do still have the choice to refuse the technologies that might be imposed upon us directly (a microchip implant, a 5G tower in our neighborhood, etc.), it doesn’t seem like there’s anything we can do about Bill Gates spraying chemicals into the upper atmosphere or Elon Musk blanketing the Earth with radiation.

But wait a second. I think there is something we can do. I think we actually do have the power to prevent the dreams of psychopaths from manifesting!

Here’s the thing: Bill Gates isn’t brewing aerosol chemicals in his basement and flying planes by himself. Elon Musk isn’t busting his own knuckles to build and launch satellites or wire up monkey brains with USB ports. DARPA isn’t some all-powerful entity with a life of its own and the power to create anything it wishes. All the actual work is being carried out by minions. And minions are actually real people who have a choice about whether or not they want to continue being a minion.

Are you a minion? Am I? Is some part of our creative energy being used by a boss or a company or an entity that is engaged in business that we do not personally agree with? If the answer is yes, then the power to stop all this madness lies partially with you and me, and collectively with us all. We simply do not have to do The Man’s bidding any more.

This doesn’t mean we have to quit our jobs, sell all our junk on Craigslist, and immediately go join the Peace Corps. We can start by reserving our human energy and our most creative work for ourselves and our loved ones. That would leave nothing but table scraps for The Man. And He’d only get those if He’s being a good boy who doesn’t poop inside our house.

 – “Phil”

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