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Conspiracy Time Machine: 1913

"Phil" March 26, 2021 183 1

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The psychopaths at the helm are obsessed with occult symbolism and numerology. To wit: Could there be any more corporate logos containing eyes or pyramids or torches? Do we really need any more weird references to the number 13? Why is it still a problem for flags to contain the color purple? And on it goes.

It’s borderline ridiculous, and I think it would be laughable if there weren’t such sinister undertones to it all. For example, dates and events containing the number 13 are among the favorites for the Elites to advance their twisted agendas. Just look at all the strange and significant historical happenings that took place in the years 1813, 1913, and 2013. Ever wonder why it was so important that there were 13 original colonies in America? Was it more than a coincidence that the failed Apollo mission was numbered 13? And perhaps most significant of all: Why did Tupac croak on a Friday the 13th?

“Unlucky 13” was certainly in full stride here in the U.S. in 1913. In fact, as far as I can tell, that’s the year that the American Experiment got knocked right off the rails. We’ve been in turmoil ever since. So when I complete my time machine I’ll first be heading to 1913 to straighten out a few things. Here are the top 3 things from 1913 that ought not ever to have happened…

The Federal Reserve Act

Enacted into law on December 23rd, 1913, the Federal Reserve Act destroyed the American economic system. In brief, it unconstitutionally created a private banking cartel to oversee the creation and management of a fiat currency (money based on nothing) and a “bank of infinite reserve” whereby cash is created directly from debt. Here’s how it works (in very simple terms): If the private Federal Reserve cartel wants to buy something but it doesn’t have enough money to do so, it purchases U.S. Treasury bonds. The cartel pays for the bonds with newly printed money that did not previously exist, money that it itself authorizes to be printed. The U.S. Treasury gets the money, and it thus becomes available for spending. The bonds are effectively debt notes from the U.S. Treasury to the Federal Reserve, so the U.S Treasury is obliged to buy them back from the cartel at some point in the future (with interest), so it registers as an uptick in our National Debt. Then rinse and repeat. Pure chicanery!

Before the Federal Reserve came into existence, with but a few historical exceptions like Lincoln’s greenbacks during the Civil War, U.S. money was commodity-backed and it represented real labor exchange units. It therefore enabled a true free-market economy – meaning people could buy and sell freely without worrying about some mysterious external force influencing the value of the dollar. Dollars had intrinsic and real value as a medium of exchange.  After the Federal Reserve came into existence, we’ve been slaves to a monetary system that has fundamentally come unhinged from reality. The dollar’s only value is derived from the statement “this is money because the government says so” (this is the definition of fiat money). The dollar continues to lose value ahead of labor units (due to unbridled inflation, i.e., the continued printing of money with no backing), and the Federal Reserve cartel is empowered to tinker with interest rates and discount rates based on their whims, instead of leaving the free market do what it does best: acheive a natural balance. This tinkering has a de-stabilizing effect, and it’s the prime contributor to the dreaded boom-bust market cycle.

If you take a look at a historical chart of National Debt as a percentage of GDP, you can see that we indeed went off the rails in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed and fiat money began to be printed willy-nilly to finance WWI – This was debt-based money that was never paid back. It’s why today’s “dollar” only buys 5% of what it could buy before the creation of the Federal Reserve. The Fed creates a real mess for most people, and sadly most people do not understand why.

The 16th Amendment

Adopted on May 31st, 1913, the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution granted the power to Congress to levy a federal income tax. Unlike the nefarious doings of the Federal Reserve which seem to take place in a realm just outside of most people’s awareness, everyone understands the implications of an income tax. Although I bet you’d be surprised how few people know that there was no federal income tax for more than half the life of this country!

Aside from the obvious pain of having a portion of one’s earnings stolen by the government, I’d say there are at least four other income tax pain points worth considering:

  • The concept of formally reporting every penny of income and assets and the confiscation of assets as punishment for concealing income, i.e., the current modus operandi of the IRS, was crafted by none other than Vladimir Lenin in 1911. He even published this communist scheme in 1917 in his work titled The Threatening Catastrophe and How to Fight It.
  • Since personal income is personal property, the 16th Amendment actually strips away people’s property rights.
  • Owing to the above (the Federal Reserve’s ability to create new money out of thin air) and other recent happenings (in the last 12 months the U.S. Congress has created $4 trillion out of thin air for “Covid-19 relief” spending), it should be clear to anyone that the government does not depend upon income tax revenue to fund anything. So what then might be the purpose of an income tax levied upon all citizens? Is it possible that it’s just a vulgar display of power from our slave masters?
  • Six states refused to ratify the 16th Amendment: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Strangely, people living in those states are compelled to pay federal income taxes.

The 17th Amendment

Adopted on May 21st, 1913, the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution fundamentally changed the method for electing Senators to the U.S. Congress. The original Constitution stipulates that Senators for each state are to be elected by the state legislatures, but the 17th Amendment did away with that by changing Senate elections to direct, popular elections – the same process by which Representatives are elected to the House.

Although on the surface this may seem “more democratic” it is, in fact, tinkering with the carefully constructed balance of powers set forth in the original Constitution. The result has been Senate infiltration and takeover by corrupt, well-financed individuals who do not serve in the best interests of their “home state” (e.g. Hillary Clinton served as a New York Senator, but had no real connection or allegiance to that state) and who can be easily financed to “win” multiple terms and thus trench in for the long haul as more effective servants of nefarious agendas (e.g. Mitch McConnell, who at the time of writing has been a Senator for 36 years. 36 years. As if that’s the legitimate will of the electorate – Ha!).

Phil’s Two Cents

No need to fret about any of the above. When I travel back in time, I plan to stop the above schemes from ever getting off the ground. I’ll be able to do this with my knowledge of the present which will seem like magical future knowledge when I’m kicking around back in olden times. For example, I know exactly where and when all the goons arrived at Jekyll Island to draft the structure for the Federal Reserve, so I’ll be able to blast them all to kingdom come. I estimate that my time machine will be completed sometime later this year. Basically, I’m just waiting for some parts to arrive. Brett expressed concern because some of the parts are from China. But I ain’t worried about it.

– “Phil”

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